Aim small, miss small

"Niche brands are the new kings of retail" -Tony DiCostanzo (Forbes, 2016)

One of the biggest mistakes I see new brands making, is trying to make something for everyone. When you create a product. You want to know who to sell it to, and the answer can't be "everyone" or "tweens" or "women from 19 to 29 years of age". You need to get specific, and your product or service needs to be specific as well. There are three great reason why: (1) the story you tell is unique and (2) you have focus, this will automatically limit the number decisions you need to make. (3) You can much more effectively target the people you can and should sell to.

Take a look at They literally only sell legs for furniture. If I need new legs for a piece of furniture, this is where I go, because this is what they do. For the same reason that I buy a bed from a company that only makes beds. This is what they do. The internet makes it possible to reach everyone. You're not the local hardware store that needs to have 1337 items to be able you service you're clients. You just need one. Make it a good one. And make it your goal to tell that story.

Also take a look at these two: (1) the creator of  wanted to make a aesthetic PS4 mount for her boyfriends PS4, and now it's a serious business. (2) : this one is local, only sells cactuses. How wonderful is that?! 

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