Calling all urban garden lovers!!!

Today´s theme: Urban Gardening 
Urban gardening is not a time consuming little side hobby, ITS A LIFESTYLE. And it´s a real place where you can let your imagination flow and flourish alongside your personal urban garden project. 
For example, dont just see your balcony as a balcony, but see it as an entire garden and opportunity for you to become sustainable by growing your own veggies, plants and herbs, while creating beautiful green surroundings, even in an urban "environment". That´s also what got us inspired for the "Green Living" series, and especially creating our design: Hänger, which is made from natural birch wood in Denmark (Natural birch model). Check out more on that here
We´ve been on a little lookout for blogs that share really amazing content about urban gardening and creative processes if you want to try your skills with green fingers! 
Here are a few blogs that you should go follow:

Happy readings ;) 

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