Introducing... Knap - Multipurpose Magnet Hook

It´s finally here! Our new design originally made for Skagerak Denmark, Knap. 

Knap is a wooden hook, designed with a strong interior magnet, that allows for multiple purposes. Hang your coats, keys or knifes from Knap, and simply mount it on the wall with the screw that follows. 

Design by Kåre Frandsen and Nicolas Aagaard, who both went to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen Denmark, designed Knap for Skagerak originally. 

After the launch of Blue Appeal, we decided to bring it into our family of products. Knap completes the synergy of our collection, with an optimising purpose, and is also a unique product with many abilities. 

The material Knap is made of i oak wood.

Knap is now available on our website, and in selected partner stores around the world.

Get yours by clicking here 


The Blue Appeal Team :) 


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