Just do it!

This blog post is about how we started Blue Appeal, and how easy it can be to design a product and start a company.

You have an idea for a product. It can be a chair, poster, trivet, smartphone cover, children's toy, special dog food substitute made made from lice or anything else you can think of.

You  need to design it, have it produced, make an online shop and sell it.

You don't need a bank. Just use paypal. It's easier. Yes, there are some limitations, but less than you would think.

Just do it:

(1) Make a sketch. Try do be as specific as possible about how it should look. Measurements are important. (2) Start a competition on freelancer.com for 50-100 EURO on who can make the best work drawings. Work drawings are what you send to a manufacturer. (3) Go on alibaba.com and find 50 companies that make something that comes close to your idea. Send them the work drawing and ask them to give you a quote. Order samples from 1-5 companies (depending on the cost of the sample and your budget). (4) Create a shopify e-commerce store. Choose a theme. Take some good pictures of your product. Tell friends and family WHEN ITS UP AND RUNNING. (5) Choose your social media platform and start promoting your idea. 

If you need any graphic, code or design work done: use freelancer.com

There's a lot of hard work after all this. But this will get you out the door.

This is pretty short. Let me know if you want anything specified.

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