About Us

So, What Is Blue Appeal?

We design and sell products for your home. And we love it.

Blue Appeal is a Nordic design company, focused on exclusive and unique designs for the kitchen. 

Our focus is modern and purposeful design, and we strive to combine a commercial potential with pure craftsmanship in what we believe is a powerful blend. 

At Blue Appeal we design objects for everyday use. We try to make something that has not been seen before.

We try to give the object purpose. Why else should it exist?

Our niche orientation towards optimising kitchen storage, allows us to be very singularly focused on bringing products to life, that actually serves a real purpose. 

The People Behind Blue Appeal

Blue Appeal is founded by entrepreneurs; Kaare Frandsen, Nicolas Aagaard and Sebastian Oster. Everyday we work on our products and with new opportunities to bring the best to the world of design and to your home. 

If you want to see how others have used our design check out the SHARE page, or you can go directly to our SHOP.